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GRSS -> Save DKP state on console reloadui.

GRSS -> Save DKP state on console reloadui.
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Right now when I /console reloadui to save the DKP spend and snapshots it reverts to the saved DKP state rather than the current DKP state in game (updated through use of the yesloot option).

Any way the current DKP state could save until some kind of marker so that we can save the snapshots mid raid and still have current DKP?
Hmm. Did this change recently?

Looks like it's saving through a console reloadui.
When you do a /console reloadui, the addon reloads the data from the data that you downloaded from the site unless I am mistaken. The addon is designed this way, so that you can update the dkp in the addon from what you downloaded from the site without leaving the game. At least this is my understanding.

To quote Blizzard "Working as intended."

Why do you want to "save" the data mid game? It is saving all the time. When you exit the game after the raid, upload the file, and then download the new data so your addon is current.

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Actually to quote Chops cuz I asked him this shortly after the mod came out with the new roll windows and stuff. Working as intended for the moment.

If you do a console reload during a raid it will revert to the grssdata.lua file that you downloaded and not pull anything from the saved variables file. I think Chops is working on this from the next version so that it will pull data from the saved file and the grssdata file. There is a potential problem that may arise from this if someone forgets to clear the saved file before the next run it would deduct points from someone that are inaccurate.

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I was thinking about this.

It wouldn't even be hard to implement.

Pull the data from download file, check the date and then apply all loot purchases in the grss.lua saved file and your in game DKP is up to date.

The reason I want this is because if you crash before getting to log off normally (or even console reloadui) all your data is lost.

I've lost all of the GRSS data for a BWL run before and it's a pain to reconstruct from memory. Have you never been randomly disconnected? So, to counteract that I just /console reloadui after a boss snapshot and loot award.
That's exactly what I'll be doing for the next version of the GRSS.

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