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Is it possible to put permissions onto the roster? id love to hide it to non guild members. ( is this already available? ive looked a few times but couldnt find it )

Reasoning for this: i want guild members to register on the site and get to a certain rank before i give them access to view the bank. Keeps other guilds from lookign at my guilds loot aswell
You have a few options to implement something to this effect:

If you want to straight up hide the guild bank and the character from the Roster, you can do the following:

1) Head to Admin > Rank. Add a new rank below all the others called "Guild Bank" (you don't have to do this in-game, but it'll be more convenient for you).

2) Change the rank of your Guild bank characters to this new rank.

3) Head to Admin > Characters, and from the drop down at the top that says "Minimum Rank to show on Roster," chose the rank directly above "Guild Bank." This will straight-up hide the bank characters from the roster.

4) Head to Admin > Feature Access and set an appropriate minimum rank for "Guild Bank."

Ultimately, this will accomplish what it seems like you're asking for, a user COULD directly type in the URL of the character's profile to see the data.

It's all in the reflexes.

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