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Armory Sig Generator (Beta)

Armory Sig Generator (Beta)
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Im having the same problem as Verick. Is it somethng to do with the Armory or the Cache? Is there something we can do to fix it or should we just wait for the weekly update to roll around?
The armory is busy right now and giving non-standard responses.

I'd try refreshing in a day or so and your sig will turn out right.

I've got some interesting fixes in the works for this whole situation, but for the time being, the cache still needs to be in place to prevent the Armory from temporary banning the DKPsigs server.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thanks for the quick response. I figured it was an armory problem, its been acting kinda weird the past day or so.
Quote by Eliminate
Yup, loving it!
So Neat!

Ok, quick question. I have been having some issues with my signature. It worked like a dream the first time I tried it. However, when I edited the sig it seemed to have bugged out. It now displays only parts and all of the values are 0. Please help, and has anyone else experienced this problem?

EDIT: Wow... it has finally decided to work. Only four days later. LOL Nevermind my question, and thanks for some awsome sigs.
Spell Haste Rating added.

It's all in the reflexes.
First I wanted to say how completely cool this is! Thank you for putting this together!

I'm having an issue with one of my toons. I have 3 characters on Durotan(US). Sigs generate just fine for 2 of them, but the third won't work no matter what.

The toon's name is Absynthe.

Edit: I emailed Blizzard asking them to look at that toon because sites where having trouble retrieving info. About 3 hours after my email it started to work. Yay Blizzard!

And thanks again for a great tool!
Quote by Saudorun
What it does if you paste the img tag inside of the url tag is that your sig will become a clickable link to your actual armory profile.

Chops actually implemented this shortly after I posted the suggestions on how to do it.

Use 1 of the following options when making your signature part of your account profile.

From the Armory page options for your signature
HTML With Link (if you copy the text in this line it will make an HTML Signature that will link to your profile when you click it)

BBCode With Link (if you copy the text in this line it will make a BBCode Signature that will link to your profile when you click it)

Full example of BBCode that makes my signature the way it is and clickable. (note that I have mispelled somethings to break rendering)

[url=http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Thunderlord&n=Saudorun][img]http://www.dkpsigs.com/sigs/Thunderlord/24.j p g[/img][/url]

Renders the following:

I copied the BBC with link and it doesn't display correctly on my posts. I shows the text of the link, followed by the picture, and ending with the text [/url].

How do I fix it so my image is clickable?

EDIT: OK, it works on this forum but not on other forums. Any ideas?

How do I fix it so my image is clickable?

You'll have to look at the [img] and [url] syntaxes on the other forum, and compare.

Some forums do different BBCode syntax.

It's all in the reflexes.
I am having some issues with my signatures on my website as well as some other issues. Ive read through the posts here but the fixes listed are not on my website. Im using a newer drop in template though & i wonder if thats the issue. 1st, I dont have the option in my edit account login section to add a signature, it looks like I only have 1/2 the options listed none of which pertain to signature.
The other issue i tried to fix was multiple servers listed. the fix was to go into admin and select only the one i wanted to show under server status. I do not have an option listed, there is only 1 realm showing up. I thought it would be tied to my alts on a different server but I deleted them and its still showing up. Any ideas? Site is www.toxic.dkpsystem.com

Doesnt seem to be working for me. Ive made a sig for my character (blackwolfe on thunderhorn eu), and after waiting for hours, even days.. nothing happens. Tried deleting it and recreating it, but nothing.
Sure enough, some part of the inter-server transfer was broken. It's fixed now and should be back to normal in an hour or so.

It's all in the reflexes.
Quote by Chops
Sure enough, some part of the inter-server transfer was broken. It's fixed now and should be back to normal in an hour or so.

I noted that my sig had not updated in quite a while so I edited it to force an update. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it is going to update. Any suggestions?

Spell Haste calculation seems to be broken.
Just a quick suggestion (sorry if it has already been suggested), now that you can see a characters achievements on the armory, perhaps being able to add the total number of achievement points to the sig could be possible.

Are there still issues with the armory and dkpsig connection? My signature hasn't changed in a while (it still said 72 and elemental and i'm 79 and enhancement). I forced an edit of the signature and changed a few stats but I can't seem to get the sig to load with the new information I resubmitted.


Hello DKPSystem,
As you can see below i have a problem with my dkp sig.
Ive removed my old ones and made two new ones.
Antubis is not working and Eziekiel is working...
What can be the problem?


DKPSIGS don't appear to be updating from the armory. Something broken in the last patch?

Thanks for the heads up. It's getting fixed right now.

It's all in the reflexes.
Is there still an issue with the sig generator?

I've been trying to update both my paladin and shaman for the last week..

My paladin is showing old stats and my shaman is still showing as Elemental (i respecced him to Restoration two weeks ago).

I have tried to delete and recreate but all it is doing now is "your character is scheduled for generation" and it sits there on that stage for days.

Paladins name is Asterial (Kilrogg EU)
Shamans name is Asterion (Kilrogg EU)

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