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Raid Calander Signup - Multiple signups on one night.

Raid Calander Signup - Multiple signups on one night.
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There seems to be a way to put items in order for everything else on this website, can we get it so raid signups with the same starting time can be set in a specific order?

We have two events that take place on the same day at the same time on multiple days on our signups. To keep uniformity, can we assign a set position to each sign up since there are some dumb people that cant read and only signup via position?

The easiest way to accomplish this given the current setup might be to stagger the times slightly.

For example, you have Event 1 taking place at the same time as Event 2, say 6pm.

When you go to set up the sign-ups, you can make Event 1 start at 6:00pm, and Event 2 start at 6:01pm. This *should* position Event 1 over Event 2 every time on the calendar, and provide minimal confusion and problems (unless someone wants to squabble about the one minute difference). That's about all I can think of for this =)

. : Keela
Designer of www.renewal-guild.com

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