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Holiday Flag

Holiday Flag
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In a large guild we are often asking "Where is so and so" or " Whay has player A not been on for a while" only to realise they posted a week ago they were on holiday for 2 weeks or away for 2 months ...etc.

Using a forum based system means it gets lost in the rest of the posts that goes on.

Is there possibly a way to enter a flag on your own account to say you are away. Now using the blog system is an option however for the people running the guild they cant see at a glance So perhaps something that makes them bold, striketrough or diferrent color with a mouse over to see their comments "Back on 24/12" or something?
That is an interesting idea.

It's all in the reflexes.
I made a sticky afk thread and people post on that when they are going to be gone - I delete the posts after they have expired and it's working really well for us. The flagging idea sounds cool tho I could almost see it as an old fashioned in/out board where they used to put magnets to show who was in or out.

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