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Request from my guild

Request from my guild
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Our guild has started using the Chat from our site when some people are at work, and they love it.

Some of our members have asked if there is a way to bring the chat box form our site up in game so they do not have to switch back and forth in and out of game (also not interested in running in windows mode).

Is there a mod to do this or any other ways or ideas?

Thank you for your time,
Not currently possible. WoW is it's own universe, and is incapable of doing real-time communication with anything that's not in-game.

It's all in the reflexes.
Ok that's cool thanks for the quick reply man.
Hey Chops... in THEORY this is possible.

You need to create a DirectX app that adds a layer over the game (very similar to the App for Teamspeak that shows you who's talking while you play). There are 2 problems I see with this though:

1) From what I understand, this is pretty taxing on the video card to do.

2) You have to know how to program a DirectX app.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention the possibilities... even though I have no hope of assisting you with the project should you take it on.

Not gonna happen anytime soon, but interesting nonetheless.

It's all in the reflexes.
OK here is a hacked way of getting around it. Maybe.

1st go into video options and configure WOW to run in windowed mode.
2nd find a utility on the web that will allow you to stick a window "Always on Top." They exist, I have used em in the past. It should work. I run wow while playing a dvd with the dvd player screen shrunk down real small while farming.

Here is an example of one. I have not used it personally.

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XFire (a free gaming chat application) can be used from within DirectX games. It messes with some games' keystroke manager, but I used to use it from within fullscreen WoW.

I haven't used it in a while, but should work for you. It also tracks how long you play certain games, which map / server you're playing on (for Counterstrike and such), and lets your friends know if you're off playing another game.

It's sweet

XFire got bought by Microsoft for XBox Live integration. Like I said, I haven't used it in a while, so things may have changed.


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