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FTP Access

FTP Access
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Hi Chops,

I was wondering if there was anyway that we could get restricted FTP access to our subsite files folder?

Reason been is that we are working on some advanced layouts and have quite a few files to upload at the same time which we can tdo with the normal uploader.

It would also be good if we could put them in sub-folders rather than one main "files" folder.

Many thanks,
At the moment, I'm afraid not. But it is something I can consider. If you WANT, you can email me the files as a zip, rar, tarball, or whatever and I can put them there in your directory for you. However, the Admin file section still doesn't support Subdirectories which would throw some stuff off, they'd all have to be in the same directory at the moment.

My email: sigmastar@gmail.com

It's all in the reflexes.

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