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Statistics Suggestion

Statistics Suggestion
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I looked through the FAQ, so if this is already implemented and I just can't find it, feel free to say "RTFM"

I'm a statistics junkie. I run several sites, and use the usage statistics to let me know where to concentrate my future efforts, and what can be improved. I'd really *love* the ability to see:
  • Who was online, and when.
  • What sections they viewed (or are currently viewing).
  • What parts of the site get the most use.
  • What parts are underutilized (or not used at all).

It doesn't have to be fancy, or anything other than a text-based stat dump. I can analyze the data fairly easily if I have it.

Thanks for the incredible system!

Who was online, and when.

It's not statistics based but you can see when a person was on last at least by looking under the account management areas. I agree it would be kind of nice to expand this to show a count of how much they have been on in the last x number of days.

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