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Problem I am having...

Problem I am having...
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I created my website back in Oct '06 and 2 of my characters were on my wife's current account. I have since transferred these characters to a new account so we can play at the same time. That might be the problem I am having, but I dont know how to fix it. My character on the roster and such, keeps on reverting back to level 60 and one of my old professions of Blacksmithing even though I am now level 70 and I am a tailor instead of a blacksmith. Is there anyway to fix this. I tried deleting the folder in the WoW WTF folder on the old account; I also tried deleting the character I am having a problem with on my guild's website, and it took a day to go back to the old lvl 60 toon. Any suggestions?

Hmm...Is there another computer that's running the GuildBank mod that hasn't been on the character since it was level 60? This would account for that.

It's all in the reflexes.
That possibly was it...I'll let you know if the problem continues...thx much
It did not work...I just logged out of WoW, and I am back to being lvl 60 with blacksmithing

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