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Loss of some moderation abilities

Loss of some moderation abilities
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Just recently I seem to have lost some of the forum moderation functions I used to have. I am no longer able to modify the thread tag of other user's posts or change the thread name. I can still however modify the text within people's posts. I've taken a look through the admin options but can't find anything to help me figure this out.
It's nothing missing in the admin options, but in your advanced layout, you removed the <!--System:Title--> and <!--System:PageDesc-->, both of these contain functions, and while I'm in the process of removing functionality from those options, right now, to do a lot of forum moderation, those are both required.

Also, it's a good idea to do

<div id=pagetitle><!--System:Title--></div>

It's all in the reflexes.
Thank you for you quick response once again. I'm new to all of this and guess I removed more than I expected when trying to get rid of the "countdown to next event" part.

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