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need help

need help
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what i would need to do is extract the <!--System:CountDown--> and the <!-- System:OnlineOnly --> so i can use it in a javascript variable

don't have a clue how to though

i want to insert it in this little script

designer of http://aszune.dkpsystem.com

You should be able to do the js inline rather than as a separate file.

Then you can put your system countdown into var content=''; in the js.
It is real simple for the Countdown just change line 9 to:

var content="<!--System:CountDown-->";

Note: I used double quotes ("), if you keep the default single quotes (') it will cause and error.

Make sure that the script is in your layout.htm page. Do not make it a separte file. I am not sure it will work correctly other wise. Like so:

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">

//the ticker code here


As for the <!-- System:OnlineOnly --> I am not sure what that does if it is like the <!-- System:Online --> It will be much more complex to pull out the data for use in that code. If you could let me know what it does I may be able to rewrite the code for you to do it.
don't mind the online tag i got what i wanted and i like it

thanks for helping


designer of http://aszune.dkpsystem.com

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