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problem with cookies

problem with cookies
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Quote by Kriknosnah
I have visited the Apocalypse website a couple time while working throuhg my guilds new site (and many others trying to come up with some ideas). And never noticed that you could collapse the menus in the left hand column.

i hope this is easily visible on my site?

btw krik what is your guild's site? i'd like to see what u made of it

designer of http://aszune.dkpsystem.com
Nice integration of arrows wasn't sure how that suggestion would work but it looks like you figured it out.

As for my guilds site it is still in production. The site is an absolute maze of tear appart this piece move it and make it look like this. The worst of the coding is done. But our guilds graphic designer is having some personal issues in real life and I am just leting her get through them before I bug her about the last few graphics that are needed. I can code anything just don't ask me to draw a picture.

If you want to see a rough verson heres my test page http://unknownentity.dkpsystem.com/test.php

Note, the code for differing screen widths is disabled so any width over 1152 may cause some things to look goofy. Also some of the last bits of dynamic content (some parts are hard coded) haven't been deployed as I am waiting on some graphics to see how certian sizing will effect it. Also the style for the main content area is not on the site yet as the background for it is one of the graphic I need so it is partially unreadable.

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