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Guildmember Report

Guildmember Report
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Guildmember Report
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One feature I used a lot in Envy to monitor players was a free utility hosted on MMO-Champion.com that would create a report and organize it by class so I could see what peoples stats were at a glance. This is more important now that we are a progression guild

Here is an example.


And here is link to the source code.


The problem is his code is a little old and hasn't been updated to support the new armory url I believe.

Maybe you could create a new section called Reports since people are interesting in Wowwebstats, etc
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yeah this is a nice idea.
For Chops it could use a combination of Armory stored data and Character Profiling from the in game mod.

This would almost certainly require that you turn on the Armory updater for your guild roster. Then I think it is a matter of building a query and display mechanism that shouldn't be extremely hard.

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I like it.

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