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DKP Mass Adjustments

DKP Mass Adjustments
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Would it be possible to sort when DKP Mass Adjustment by name instead of by who has the most DKP? Usually the only mass adjustments I do are when the raid snapshot is messed up, or during DKP turn-ins. It would be much easier to find people alphabetically rather than searching by who has the most dkp.
That's a good idea.

It's all in the reflexes.

We have the same issue - each week I add the bank donations/purchases.
The mass adjustment page is just the tool, except we have 228 toons and in DKP order, it's a chore to find the 20 I need to make adjustments for.

It would be great if the could order by name.

Thanks for the great product, it makes my life soooooooo much easier.

Concordis on KJ

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