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Admin site owners don't have full admin rights...?

Admin site owners don't have full admin rights...?
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A setting I'm missing? Cause this puzzles me...

As the Admin and owner of my guild site. I can not change some posts that I don't wish my guild to see into private threads to be disgusses among the member and the rest of the Officers. I'd have to make this person an officer and move the thread into Officer only tag... which of course makes no sense and wouldn't do. I'm left with only the option of recreating the topic as a private post myself and deleting the original.

Shouldn't admins be able to adjust others posts not just catagory but privacy as well?

I also had an incident where a private post was made but only directed to a select few of Officers and 2 non officers who had no input in the subject. I wanted to make the original viewable by the rest of the Officers however this option was not available when I went to edit the OPers post.

Shouldn't admins be able to adjust the privacy names viewable even if the post isn't made orginialy by them?

And retrieving posts? Lol, probably not possible (( hate me yet. )). Several weeks ago I had an Officer explode on me in a thread insulting me because I'd brought something up he'd once said and now was denying. As I went to reply I forgot to quote his OP and by the time I posted mine he had gone back and edited his post down to avoid /gbooting by the GM. I had no proof of his OP because he'd deleted it and because of the texture of my post he then claimed that I was lying and trying to set him up for /gkicking.

It would be great if Admin could go back and recovered recently deleted or edited posts.
It is not possible to recreate old data - however on rare occations Chops have helped out a few guys, but atm it is only Chops who can.

You are also correct in the fact that even though you have full admin powers you can't change the privacy of a post, at least not to my knowledge.

But it is indeed an idea to look at.

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