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Custom DKP Field Adjustments

Custom DKP Field Adjustments
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Custom DKP Field Adjustments
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Creator Anthrax
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Section of the Site DKP
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Currently when you arrange the layout of Current Standings you do not have the option to adjust the position of Custom DKP Fields for reporting. They always get added to the end on the right side. I would like to add some customs in there, but don't want to throw my members off when they are looking at their DKP because it won't be the last field on the right anymore. Is it possible to have the custom DKP reporting fields you generate to be added to the list you can arrange for Current Standings?
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That is a good idea.

It's all in the reflexes.
Why thank you. I surprise myself sometimes too, ;P

Was this ever done?

I am currently unable to see my custom field column in the layout options on my dkp standings page, and cannot assign it a rank.
It was not ever added, but it does remain a good idea.

It's all in the reflexes.

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