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Items counted as raids.

Items counted as raids.
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Hi Chops! We implemented our DKP system for last night's MC run and it worked just fine once we got past the initial upload and got used to the interface. One thing however -- when I use the CT Raid Tracker file upload, it treats each item dropped as a "raid." We are using the zero-sum system so everyone is getting points based on the items...but when folks pull up their totals on the DKP Standings link, they are confused that the number of "raids" is as high as it is. (We had 9 items drop last night, so many of them are wondering how they have attended 9 raids.)

Is this something that could be fixed easily on my end? I tried to use the GRSS mod upload as well, but it didn't seem to work as well with the zero-sum system we had chosen. I'm sure I am just missing something here.

Unfortunately, you're not missing anything. That's just how it does it. There are a fair number of tweaks to the dkp system functionality coming to accomidate that. For now, just tell your members that "Raids" in respect to the current standings are just "Loot was distributed." I realize that that's a bit confusing, and it should be eliminated very soon.

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Oh good, I had more of a clue than I thought. I'll tell them to deal with it, they'll be fine. Thanks.


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