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Easier way to view/know about Applicants?

Easier way to view/know about Applicants?
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I'm a new user of the service and am looking for an easier way than the norm (or what appears to be the default) to get to posted applications. When I first log in I see the alert at the bottom left and that's fine for reviewing a first time, but if I want to go back it's not altogether obvious as you have to go into the Admin Panel, Applicants, then click on the class before the applications are listed.

Is there a way to put a link to applications in a menu? One that could be then hidden for all but those of an appropriate rank? Additionally, is there a way to set it to always show all applications (that are of a particular status - new, pending, closed, etc) when one clicks on the 'applicants' link?

I managed to figure it out but some of my officers are not exactly computer savvy and could have problems...

Thanks for any tips!
This is something that's getting addressed hopefully soon. The Application history is getting taken off the Admin menu and moved to a normal menu.

As well as the overall history getting a revamp as well.

It's all in the reflexes.

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