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Guild Roster Import Questions

Guild Roster Import Questions
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I have a few questions about the guild roster import.

1. If I import a Guild Roster via GRSS to populate the charaters, what happens when people register an account with the site? Will they be able to select the charaters (mains and alts) from the list to associate with the account?

2. Will periodically importing (such as weekly) a list overwrite the existing characters? Will characters that have left be removed?

3. Will any of this affect the DKP points of the characters? Meaning if they overwrite the existing characters will it wipe the DKP points?

I may have more depending on the answers/ ;-p

Thanks for your time.
1) Yes they will. They can go through the same process of typing the character name and it'll say "This character already exists in the system, the administrators have been notified of your request to have this character assigned to your account", at which point, you'll get an alert in the corner.

2) It will only overwrite the level, class, rank, and/or race information. Characters no longer in the guild will be prompted for removal or retirement.

3) The only way DKP will be affected is if you choose to Delete a removed character vs Retiring them. Retiring means that the DKP history of that character will be maintained, while the Roster and Current Standings will not longer display that character. Deleting the character will remove that character along with all history associated with that character. Otherwise, if a character already exists, there won't be any problems.

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Ok thanks for the quick response.

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