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Absentee Module Request

Absentee Module Request
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Here's what my guild needs. We keep a small-ish roster of players for our world of warcraft guild. We would like something simliar to the sign up module that would be specifically for absent players. We exepct all our raiders to be online when we raid and those that can't make it to post and let us know at least 2 or 3 hours prior.

Here is what would be helpful:

If a player can't make it, he/she would open up the calendar event and go to the absentee module. They would type in their reason for not making the raid and submit. It would then compile a list of the absent characters so that the raid leaders can visually see who's not going to be there and why.

I've tried using the signup module for this before, but as i remember, the "Notes" goes away when the event occurs. So it justlists names rather than the names and notes.
This particular issue has been requested in the past and is actually part of the update that's coming in a week or so.

It's all in the reflexes.

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