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Request for Item (RFI) vote

Request for Item (RFI) vote
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Yet another suggestion as I come to something that could use a feature update. Would it be possible to allow a voting system to be used people over a certain rank on if a person should get an item or not? Maybe allow for the choice of public/private votes and have an expiration date.

Basically here's the situation in our guild:

Someone requests The Light and How to Swing ItRefresh This Item and as one of many officers I've only got the current options available on getting it to him. Since my guild is formed with every officer having equal input it'd benefit us more to have a voting system since we use a majority rule. Anyway, just a thought =)
I could see the possibility of tying this to a forum thread. You could click "Discuss" or something, and it would create a new thread if it doesn't already exist and form a poll on it, or just take you to an existing thread.

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That would work very well for us I think, it'd give them option of letting the officers talk about why they think or don't think an item should go to a specific person. Also you could work in the thread tag it gets posted under in the security access section. =)

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