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Problem With My Guild's Forum...

Problem With My Guild's Forum...
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Hi I am having some problem's with seeing most of the threads in the forum. (I am not the leader nor do I run the site.) In the forum where it tells you how many thread, post, and deepest thread, it say's that we have 22 threads. While 11 are visible, I do have the "show" all tab on. To further explain I have made a screen shot...

If you could please check in to this it would greatly appreciated by me and probably any guild members that are having the same problem as me.

The URL for the guild is as followed. http://www.thechosenones.dkpsystem.com

The thread count up there is a TOTAL thread count, including all posts, regardless of whether or not you have access to them. Officer thread would be hidden from you, as well as any private threads in which you're not included.

So the number is accurate, you just don't have access to every thread on the forum.

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