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DKP Error--"ghost" characters?

DKP Error--"ghost" characters?
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DKP Error--"ghost" characters?
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I got this e-mail from a guildmate this morning:

"I know this is a scary thought, but there is somehow 2 entries for Jadence in our characters on the dkpsystem site. One is for a Jadence on another realm, and that is who got credit for the Supremus attempts last night. I noticed this because I looked at the list of attendees for Supremus and there are several with Unknown for the class. So there may be other \"duplicates\" in the character list.\"

When I go look I see only 1 Jadence on our \"Current Standings\" list of people with DKP. I go look at Jadence, and he didn\'t get credit for last night\'s raid. I go look at the raid, and there is a Jadence there who was given credit. This may have happened with others as well.

Please advise.
Official DKPSystem.com Comments
Issue fixed.
Go ahead and head to Admin > Characters and Accounts > Characters and simply delete the duplicate characters, and delete the raids and items uploaded last night.

Then re-import the GRSS Snapshot.

If you don't have the snapshots anymore, you can do a simple character merge of each affected character (merge the new duplicate characters into the original character).

Yesterday, the importer was freaking out and causing duplicates.

It's all in the reflexes.
Just as a warning to all though, we had someone create accounts with new characters with names very similar to one of our officers. The character made was Nettalia (with a capital "i" instead of the lower case "L"). In the font of our forum, it looks identical and it could have ended up with the imposter being given officer level admin rights on the site.

Make sure you double check before chaning peoples rank that you are sure who it is!

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