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Day's event summary

Day's event summary
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One bug we have noticed is for multiple events for the same day. For instance today we have a Kara run set up and the summary says:
Awaiting Approval: 2 | Cannot Attend: 2 | Approved: 6

We also have a Tempest Keep run and it's summary says:
Awaiting Approval: 2 | Cannot Attend: 2 | Approved: 6 | Awaiting Approval: 15

Basically what it is doing is adding up all the stats for the runs as it goes down because for the TK run it should only show:
Awaiting Approval: 15 as there are no approved members for that run and nobody listed as Cannot Attend.

Anybody else notice this?

The website is perseid.dkpsystem.com if you want to check it out for yourself.

Also when you hover over a day on the calender it pops up a short summary of the events. The Awaiting Approval text used to be yellow but now is blue. Is there a way to change that color? Is it in the CSS file? The green and blue color make it difficult to differentiate.


Good find on the duplicating information. That's fixed.

As for the color changes, yes, you can change this from the CSS. The reason that the "Signup Status Colors" doesn't effect the hover-over is because the hover-over is by default always black, while popup window can be changed.

For the CSS, I'll refer you to this thread.

It's all in the reflexes.

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