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Custom Fields: Account

Custom Fields: Account
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I like the custom fields they can be very useful... i made one to tell me if they have read the guild rules.

Problem: No where on the Roster or Web Accounts lists to view these custom fields... Can we have the option when creating a custom field to choose what report or listing we would like this custom to show up as a column.

i.e. Custom Fields for characters could have the option to show up on the roster screen... maybe add a check mark...

Do you want this custom field to show on Roster Page:


otherwise we have to go into each character screen to see what they put in the custom field

Yup, this is planned.

It's all in the reflexes.
thank you much

Quote by Chops
Yup, this is planned.

...but never deployed. Or am I missing something?
Ah, I see I already touched this issue three years ago. Could someone please reply to my new ticket: http://www.dkpsystem.com/ticket.php?ticketid=1400
It would be nice if all functionalities in our sites would work.
I'm suspecting that further development of this platform has stopped and nothing is being followed up on anymore. I'd like to know whether it would pay off to stay here or move on to another hosting party.

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