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Character profile raid dates incorrect

Character profile raid dates incorrect
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Character profile raid dates incorrect
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Creator superg2k
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Ok I'm having an issue where when people go the the "Current Standings" page and click on their name to view their raid attendance, the dates that show up in the box are incorrect, they are behind by 1 day. This is happening to people who have their timezone set to use server time. I have the guild timezone set to Chicago or GMT-6:00, central time. When I change the guild time to GMT-5:00 it works fine.

Not sure if it would make a difference or not but I have my account settings set to GMT-5:00 when I upload the snapshots etc...


It isn\'t terribly urgent but it gets annoying with people asking me all the time saying they were in the raid yesterday and didn\'t get DKP for it blah blah blah
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