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Stand-by Checkbox functionality

Stand-by Checkbox functionality
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Hey Chops,
I wanted to ask what the stand-by checkbox does if it's checked.

I'm looking for a way to track a players attendance even if they did not make it into the raid (say a 26th player or something). However, I'm not sure if the waitlist or the stand-by checkbox award the player DKP.

Thanks for your time chops.

The stand-by is exactly for your concern: for recording that members were available for the raid, but were not actually in the raid group itself. If you check the box for "stand-by", when looking at the attendance later (from the calendar or the past raids section), you'll see that those characters are just marked as stand-by. They still receive the default points (which you can override, just as you can override all points).

It's all in the reflexes.

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