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Full Domain Name

Full Domain Name
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I'm trying to get the Full Domain Name working for this guild website but no matter how many times I submit it it doesn't work. guildperseid.com is registered with a registrar and the A records have been pointed to the DKPsystem servers so when I go to the forums the address bar should read guildperseid.com/forums.php but it doesn't it still says perseid.dkpsystem.com/forums.php

I have actually set up a website for my buddys guild aocavantgarde.com and entered the Full Domain Name and it works just fine so I don't know what the issue is with the Perseid one. Would using a splash screen on the Perseid one have anything to do with it?

Just looking for answers. I've found that if the full domain address works most workplace firewalls won't block access but if it has the dkpsystem in the address they will. Perfect example I can get to the aocavantgarde site from work but not the perseid one.
It's working for me. How long ago did you make this change. It's important to remember that any DNS changes you make will always take some time to show (usually an hour or two).

For you, I suspect that your browser/system is still using the old DNS information which was likely set up as a redirect (hence the redirect to the .dkpsystem.com address).

Give it a little more time, try closing your browser (or even restarting your computer) and see if that doesn't fix it.

It's all in the reflexes.
Hmm guess it is a setting on my machine or something because I restarted it and it still shows perseid.dkpsystem.com I guess I'll have to look around to see how to clear the cache or whatever.

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