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I've registered a domain name for our guild, I have the appropriate access to change the full domain option in dkp. I cant, however find where to set it in the domain site.

I have:

Advanced DNS

Add or Edit Host Aliases (C NAME RECORDS)

Edit or create alias names for existing Internet host records using this form.

C Name (Alias)----------------Is an Alias for

Is this where I enter the data? And what do I enter?
I also have Nameservers options

Primary = ns1.dnspackage.com,

Is that where I change the info?
The objects you need to look for are called "A Records" or "Host Records".

You won't need to change any CNAME records or change your nameservers.

Might I ask what registrar you use? Perhaps I can find some info on your registrar.

You MAY end up having to call your registrar and ask for them to set your A Records for you, depending on how flexible the website is.

It's all in the reflexes.

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