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I'm a new user to dkpsystem.com and even though I have some experience with web-design I came upon a strange problem.

I made a logo for the "wooden" theme, and I went to upload it. Then I noticed that it only goes half way through the header.. why?

I even downloaded the theme in my HD, I saved it with the exact name (and extention) the previous img was "header-backgroung.jpg" but still nothing...

the page is http://pe.dkpsystem.com please take a look and let me know what am I doing wrong...

If there's something I'll have to edit in the CSS, tell me what that would be.
In the CSS, you'll want to look at the following rules:

/** Main Logo **/
	position:   absolute;
	top:        0;
	left:       0;
	height:     128px;
	width:      600px;
	background: url("http://dkpfiles.com/pe/files/header-background.jpg") no-repeat left top;

Notice, that the width is 600px. You'll probably want to change it to the width of the image you're using.

It's all in the reflexes.

I did changed it like u mentioned....
I actually put up a larger img cause I noticed the previous wasn't big enough to fill up all the header space. So I enlarged it to 1380px (windth) but same hight. I've reuploaded, changed the CSS value again and now I get a gray blank spot as a header
lol nvm i got it!

ty a lot!

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