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I wasn't sure where to check this or even what to search for so I'll just put this out there.

I'm having an issue where new accounts on the website are able to sign up for events even though they don't have the appropriate rank in guild and on the website. Here's a current example...


We have an event coming up on Thursday(Tempest Keep) and a member named Chailey was able to sign up for the run before she was even given the rights to do so. This has happened in the past and it's easily controllable but I've gone back and made sure that I had the settings correct and I can't figure out why these people with the lower rank are able to sign up.

If I'm doing something wrong please let me know

As a related subject we recently had someone sign up for an event with a pending character approval for existance on the site. While it's not a big deal and can be ignored, it'd be nifty if it weren't possible to sign up with characters that had not been approved yet.
The "signing up without rights" issue is getting looked into and should be fixed soon.

The "signing up before approval" issue, however, has actually always been there, and was there intentionally. The decision to do it this way is actually rather complex. Users might want to sign up before their characters are actually approved. This would ensure better accuracy with the signup times: if a user is unable to sign up because an admin hadn't been to the site yet, and then the signups fill, and the user who would have signed up has no evidence for their signup. If the character gets rejected their signup will simply disappear anyway.

It's all in the reflexes.

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