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i have user name and password

i have user name and password
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i have user name and password
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i have user name and password but ewhen i logg on to it in dkpsystem it works ... when i logg on to the war and honor dkpsystem site it say user name or pass word error i need to access this account asap as i am the gm and i need to set it up the creator of it is tdperkins which is a officer of mine plz help me as we just payed for the whole year with all adds ..... thors
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You'll actually need to create an account on the guild's site. The DKPSystem.com login only works on DKPSystem.com (the main site here), but it doesn't necessarily work on the guild site.

So head on over to warandhonor.dkpsystem.com and click "Create an Account."

It's all in the reflexes.

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