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Category Forum Thread Tag

Category Forum Thread Tag
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hi. is there a reference guide, forum post, or information on how to succesfuly use categories and thread tags? my idea is to make a category and put all the classes beneath the category to make a bunch of thread tags under one category instead of having them all spread out individually since it looks messy.

i want to clean up the look of the forum but i need to understand how to do it and how to get the right look. and will the look change based on how members view the site? (classic, advanced, simple, etc).

anyone have an example site i can look at too?

The "Class" category is probably the most common way to use it. Simply edit those particular thread tags and enter "Class" (the word "Class") in the "Category" field. You'll want all of the Class thread tags to have the category "Class" and the forum will auto-organize itself that way.

There's also "About Our Forums", which describes much in detail (scroll down to the configuration stuff, the top part is propaganda): http://www.dkpsystem.com/dynpage.php?id=13

It's all in the reflexes.
many thanks! you're awesome as usual.

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