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Missing Snapshot at Kalegos

Missing Snapshot at Kalegos
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TICKET CLOSED - Missing Snapshot at Kalecgos
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Creator Misen
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Status Closed
Type Bug
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Hi Chops,

Can't find any ticket on this matter, but seem to remember that there have been a post about it.

We don't get snapshorts when Kalecgos dies in SWP - Hope u can fix that.

I'm sry if a ticket have allready been made, but at least couldn't find it in development.


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This have been solved - ticket closed!

Yesterday when we downed Kalec it didn't take the snapshot - I know it did last time though.

Chops can this be because it only records the death if you are in the correct realm??

The Kalecgos fight is designed to take place in two different realms "dragon part and demon part". I believe that I have always been in the "dragon part /normal" when the boss have died, but yesterday I believe I was in the "demon realm".

Can you look at this or was I just experiencing a bug?


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