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question about changing ranks

question about changing ranks
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We've run into a small problem, our guild's leader has gone MIA for a little over a month (tried contacting him by email, phone, messenger, no response), we've pretty much got everything under control except for the guild website. The problem is that us officers that are trying to keep the guild moving need some help from a couple new officers, but we aren't able to promote them on the website. It's not letting us promote them up to our rank, so even though they're officers they can't view the officers posts. Kind of creating a small communication problem.

Is there some way we can get around this by changing around the ranks or something? We'd like to at least keep using the site until we get everything else completely sorted out, or until the time runs out on it.

So far the only option I could think of was to make all officer's threads private and just invite the people separately that are also officers but we can't promote. Seems like there's got to be an easier way. Any suggestions would be great, I can provide a link to the site if needed. Thanks.
You should have an email from me.

It's all in the reflexes.
Yep, thanks very much for helping out with this None of us have had much to do with the website set up so we're all kind of learning it now as the need comes up for it. Thanks again!

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