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DKP not updated for a player.

DKP not updated for a player.
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Today is 08/26/08. I uploaded snapshots after raid like usual. But 1 player(Saranah) dkp wont update. This is new player and i dont know why his dkp wont show. He's at trial status and other trial players has dkp updated just fine. I re-checked the snapshots and his name is there... I also tried manually make adjustment to his dkp, it wouldnt update on the current standing page still. Help pls.

Also, i rememeber we used to have the feature something like "Inaccurate? reload here" on current standing page. I dont see it anymore.

Thank you.
The character is missing from the current Standings because the character has not yet been approved (it was originally created by the user).

Notice in the lower right corner of the screen, you have an Alerts hover listing 26 unapproved accounts and characters. You'll likely want to approve all those.

It's all in the reflexes.

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