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Last Items Received - No tooltip

Last Items Received - No tooltip
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Last Items Received - No tooltip
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Creator Malekii
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Status Closed
Type Bug
Section of the Site DKP
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Hi chops

I searched the forum, and couldn't find an answer to my particular query. When mousing over the last items received, I'm not getting any kind of tooltip showing stats on the gear. Some work, some do not.

I did see in the forums that there is a known bug whereby the "who" and "how much spent" bit shows up randomly, but couldn't find anything about the mouseover failing completely. I've tried to hit the refresh icon next to the items failing, but nothing works, the refresh icon just keeps appearing.

Any idea?

Many thanks
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I like the Gruul in the corner of your site, btw. Very Aesthetically pleasing.

It's all in the reflexes.
Chops, you are awesome. Thanks very much for the great support and your kind comments

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