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Creating DKP system

Creating DKP system
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I recently upgraded my guilds website to include the DKP addon. After looking through the Building you DKP System thread I went to my Admin page to do just that.

However, under the DKP section of my admin page, I do not see (create new DKP System) link as it shows in the above tutorial. Obviously, im a noob, but I'm assuming the layout has changed since the tutorial was written, but I'm confused on where to begin.

Any help is appreciated.
If you are not the "Super-Admin" of the site, you won't see the option to create a DKP system. You'll need to ask the creator of the site (or the current highest rank admin) to do it for you, or have them grant you "Full Administrative Privileges"

It's all in the reflexes.
Well, wish me luck in contacting him in Honduras...

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