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User name change

User name change
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I changed my user name from Kimbelea to Integretee on our forums. (I'm switching mains)

Every post I have ever posted shows Integretee as the actual poster on all of them....which is great, BUT when I look at the forum main page, where it shows all the topics, it shows Kimbelea as the author and/or last poster on most of them (except for the ones i posted today after I made the change)...When you open one of the topics up that Kimbelea was the author of, it shows Integretee as the poster...

Where else do I have to change my user name to make the forum main page update as well?
Thanks for the heads up. I'll see what's up.

It's all in the reflexes.
This is still an issue...


I can't make my Durability Zero Roster be the default for the link. I can make the change but there is no save button or way to make it stick. It keeps defaulting to the general roster.

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