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epgp and my current standings

epgp and my current standings
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Ok so here is the problem i ran into and I'm sure its an easy fix I am just retarded.

We use epgp and ofcourse I use the Grss addon. However EPGP recently changed all of their values after we had already used the old values and uploaded to our website. Trying to make a long story short the epgp writers suggest dividing everything by 10 and go with the new values they have on their new addon. How do I get all of my EP and GP values divided by 10 on my website. If I go to mass adjustments and enter the new value (the old value/10) it just adds that amount to the EP. If i put a negative number to try to subtract it it just gives them that much GP.

Any help would be awesome.
Currently, it's not something the site can do automatically, though it's still planned for implementation.

If you want, I can do this for you behind the scenes (divide everything in your system by 10).

It's all in the reflexes.

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