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Having problems up loading wow calender to website

Having problems up loading wow calender to website
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I think i am missing a step somewhere.

I am using GRSS. Still experimenting with it.
I ran a test raid last nite, 25 man OS and 25 man vault last nite. We dont do DKP for these. Trying to get some testinformation loaded to the site before doing it on a real raid.

I fould hte file, in my case located

/word of warcraft/wtf/accounts/townt/savedvariables/GuildRaidSnapshot.lua

When I use the wow calender uploader, it show 0 events each time being uploaded. We have serveral events scheduled on the wow calender in game.

I also read in this forums that i needed to have the wow calender open in order for GRSS to access the information.

I did do this, my question is do i need to use any command to record this information in game?

You are correct that you don't need to run a command, just opening the calendar should be sufficient.

If you could, could you open your In-game calendar (also opening the specific events), then close WoW, then upload to here the data file you're uploading. From there I can play with it.

It's all in the reflexes.

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