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Item data

Item data
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Well I build a javascript page for our guilds site that allows guild members and admins to look up DKP prices based on a custom formula we developed for gear.

While it works great the last feature that may make it very appealing is to allow people to type in item names and get an items price. To do this I need to get the inventory slot, level and number of socket, for each item.

Now the WoWhead XML data for each item has this information and can be retrieved using the items name. Currently I may be able to do this with an iframe hack but it has limitations. So I thought maybe some of this data is accessible via the site, verse me trying to import an XML file with javascript which, as you know, do to security issues, is difficult.

So since this site uses wowhead item data is there a way to get that XML data through a function on the site?
This is actually something that's planned, though the source is as yet undetermined (Wowhead or the Armory).

It's all in the reflexes.

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