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GRSS mod update??

GRSS mod update??
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Hi Chops,

you keep referring to an update of the GRSS mod and I was getting courious of what it will contain.

I've looked in your blog but that doesn't list any either, so maybe you can just in bullet points list up what is comming and when its estimated to go live?

I hadn't yet finalized on the complete feature set but this is what is currently in the test version of the mod (or will for sure be in it).

* In-game earning points with snapshots (including zero sum capabilities)
* in-game adjustments (/grss adj)
* manual loot recording (/grss loot)
* waiting list query (!waitlistwho)
* new looting mechanisms:
---DKP + Roll
---Bid + Roll
---Request (just a nice way of accepting bids without numbers)
* And, of course, some bug fixes.

I may be missing some things, but these are the main points.

I can't say for sure when it's going to go live, but the changes are almost all complete. Right now I'm in some final testing stages, then the importer needs to be updated to accommodate the coming change.

I won't set a date though. It's more important that it be as complete and bug free as I can manage than to make a deadline (or go over a deadline and subsequently upset users awaiting the new version).

It's all in the reflexes.
Our guild gives items to the person with the highest DKP but charges a fixed amount.

Right now we do an open auction with people bidding their current DKP, but it does mess up the value when the item is handed out.

Would "Request" be a better way to do that or are we using the best method?

Having to properly re-enter the value can be a pain for our RL's.

Would "Request" be a better way to do that or are we using the best method?


It's all in the reflexes.
Will you be making a better GUI that doesn't rely on so many memorized slash commands?

Can you download and have a look at these two mods:


to see if you can incorporate any of the features from them? In particular EKwaitlist.

Currently I find GRSS's waitlist functionality severly lacking and need to run these other two mods to supplement GRSS.

Off the top of my head the aspects of ekwaitlist that we need are:

- Sharing between officers.
- Posting to guild chat.
- Logical connections to alts. EK uses guild notes to allow an alt to add their main to the list with a command whispered to the mod keeper "wl main"
- Capitalization (Unless I am mistaken GRSS sees "enarra" and "Enarra" as two different people)
- Rank/Class included on the list.

EK Raidattend just takes snapshots of who is on the waitlist. Which is already a part of GRSS.

The last time I attempted to use GRSS waitlist I had to type each member's name on my own. It was very time consuming.

My guild does not use event signups in advance. We use a waitlist, created before the raid, from which to pick people for the raid.

Any chance of having the mod display attendance by pulling it from the site?
Well while we're making a list of feature requests I'd like to point out something that's been a headache in the past.

If WoW or your PC should crash prior to you making a /reload command or logging out at the end of the raid, then any and all data recorded by GRSS is lost. I understand that this is a limitation of WoW Addons but I had an idea of how you could save data in an alternate form.

One of the the 'saves' is that you can (and should) have it create a screenshot along with every snapshot but this only saves you the attendance data, and not the loot.

I've only had this happen a few times since WotLK came out but when it does its a major headache, getting people to fess up what loot they received and manually inputting the raid data on the website.

The idea I have is simple, a command to bring a summary on-screen of the loot handed out, to whom, points spent, etc. and make a screenshot of that.

Bump to Enarra's suggestion of having GRSS synch between other officers who might be running the mod as well.

GRSS should also have the option of a silent mode so it can be there as a backup should disaster occur for the main GRSS user.

far out idea..... Could you draw a bitmap on screen via the mod that could be parsed similarly to a bar code algorithm.... ie use the screenshots as snapshots....

Bobbuddha, GM, The Death Knights

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