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BBCode hyperlink [url] and tagline [hover?] functions combined to an image

BBCode hyperlink [url] and tagline [hover?] functions combined to an image
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Our sponsor wants a hyperlink on their banner as well as a mouseover tagline on the banner. I've been able to achieve both on the banner individually but i need both functions active on the banner at the same time.

I've been able to master both the hyperlink and hover BBCode functions individually to an image; however, I am experiencing difficulty combining the two.

Is there an alternative 'method' that i can use other than nesting both functions together (which isn't working out atm)

If this isn't possible - is there a way that I can create the same 'mouseover tagline' effect as the one I see when I mouse over my guild logo? http://occult.dkpsystem.com

As you can see I have our sponsor's banner in our 'welcome' message

An example of what I would like to do is similar to how this site http://scarlethand.dkpsystem.com/ is linked to (top right side - "proud member of the covenant" - it has a mouseover message (although it doesn't look like the /hover function) and it links to another site.

Only I need to use my sponsor's banner:

I need it to hyperlink to: http://www.ventriloservers.biz/

And I need it to have a mouseover that reads: "Instant Ventrilo Servers World Wide by VentriloServers.biz!"

Any assistance is appreciated.

If I can't get this to work I'd have to switch site hosts and I'd rather not because I like it here

Thanks for your time
I wrote up a quick custom BBCode tag for you called [hl] which goes like this:

[hl=http://url/to/target;hover over text]content to cause the hover[/hl]

It's working on your home page now, so you're good to go.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thanks Chops - we really appreciate it

Our sponsor is psyched too.


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