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ppl unsigning after event close

ppl unsigning after event close
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ppl unsigning after event close
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Creator Misen
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Hi Chops,

We have experienced that some of our members are able to unsign themselves after we have set the event to close - quite annoying :P


Go check out our website and look at the event scheduled yesterday the 18th of june.

We've set our deadline to 1.30 but in our log it says that eagle managed to unsign at 18.04.

Can you look into this?

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Bump - we see more of these, and just experienced one again today!

Quite annoying tbh
Chops, we have figured out how this is done and have found a massive bug that needs looking into!

When using the "mass event signup" it completely ignores the deadlines set for the individual event.

Rather annoying to set deadlines which then can be fully ignored!

Please look into this mate!
Interesting. Thanks mate. This will definitely get fixed. I could not find anywhere on the normal event signup where that could be overridden, and I hadn't thought to check the mass event signup yet.

It's all in the reflexes.
Cheers matey!

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