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Link to private threads broken?

Link to private threads broken?
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Whenever we get an applicant or a "private": thread on our website we get a nice little red popup box indicating that there is a new private post we have not yet read.

When you mouseover it you get the option to click it as though it would hotlink you to said thread. However when you click it it simply refreshes the website.

Is three a way to have the hotlinking work? Or is it just a visual reminder that you have unread threads and its in fact not a link?
Interesting. I'll have to have a look at your site to see if I can reproduce the error. What's your site's address?

It's all in the reflexes.
It's broken on mine, too.

The red box has a link to http://www.followersofnobility.com/forum.php?action=onlypriv

It goes to the forums main page and that's it. Having to manually click the PM thread tag and open the PM that way.

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