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Ladder System vs. DKP

Ladder System vs. DKP
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Heyas Chops!

We have talked about this before, but our Guild uses a Ladder Type System in replacement of DKP. Is there a way to configure a Ladder Type system on the site?

You may think of a better way to create this then I can, but I was thinking of maybe you could set up something similar to the "Menu Administration" Screen where a list of players can be configured with arrows and/or positions can be moved around with ease, similar to a chart or something? Maybe another option would be to create this kind of Ladder as an option in the DKP Menu? Do you think that this can be created?

We would be most grateful if you could create this as an option for us. If this could also become an option to assign admin rights to others to control, that would be awesome.


You must have forgotten about me and my request. Would you please give this some thought.

Sorry about that. Yup, it's slated for development.

It's all in the reflexes.

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