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Armory/Etc. Links in Apps

Armory/Etc. Links in Apps
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I created a BBCode tag on my forum that does the following:

It turns [charinfo]Frommers[/charinfo] into:

Warcrafter-Be Imba-WoWJuju-Rep Calc-Armory-Guild History-WoW Heroes-MaxDPS-Gear Wishlist-WoW Progress-PUG Checker-WoW Achievements

Except they are all links to the right sites for our server.

We stuck it in our application as well, but we have to get people to manually use the tag which never works because people can't figure it out no matter how specific I am. Conversely if someone figures my tag out, they pretty much get an invite based on that

Anyway, any chance we could get this added as part of the header in the app?

You already ask the name up there, I just want to automatically include these links so it's easier for us to look this person up.


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