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Over all guild achievement tracking??

Over all guild achievement tracking??
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I would like to have the ability to track the overall achievements of my guild members.

This being a layout with ALL achievements, and the number of guild members that have it. Also, included in this would need to be a filter for MAINS and ALTS. (So I can either display ALL members, or just the MAINS, and no alts of the members of my guild.)


The Flame Keeper = = = 42 Mains 20 Alts 62 Total

Also, the achievement has a link to WoWHead so others can look it up.

Or a layout like ...

[ Achievement Banner ] 42 Mains - 20 Alts - 62 Total - Last earned [DATE] by [Character]
Interesting thoughts on the achievement integration. Achievements are definitely due for some lovin' on this site, and your suggestions will help with the design.

It's all in the reflexes.

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