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One thing I have noticed form my guild (and I would guess it is a common problem for most guilds) is that there tends to be a core group of people who actually do use the site frequently, and then a larger group that doesn't, which can be annoying when trying to communicate important guild related information etc... I have been trying to think of ways to make the site more appealing to a larger target group.

One thing that I have thought of that I have seen other other similar websites is a leveling system on the forum itself. The more active you are (ie more posts you make or the more threads you read) the higher level you become. You have an experience bar under your avatar, and beneath that you have the rank that you are. This could be applicable to basically any game and I could see where even adding some sort of abilities would be kind of cool (ie it could be turned into some sort of forum game, kind of a cross between mudding and mortal combat .)

Anyway, just my 2c worth .
hehe I like it - shouldn't only be based on posts though
Yeah I was just thinking about things that could be easily accounted for, it would be neat if anyone can think of other things that could be factored in.
Interesting ideas. Gives me something to think about for a future feature set.

It's all in the reflexes.

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